Do you remember your freshman year of college?The culture shock?The new surroundings?Living with strangers and all the hurdles just to get to that first class?


Youth Guidance is offering an opportunity to you.At risk inner city seniors in Chicago Public Schools are preparing to apply to college.The hurdles they face are high.Many are the first of their neighborhood to go to college and the students have no idea of what to expect.


We are creating a program to give you the chance to do more than just write a check.You can positively impact a senior studentís life by developing a relationship with them in their senior year and being there to help them over the bureaucratic and academic hurdles to surviving the freshman year of college.


Yes, you can be a mentor.Much more rewarding than check writing, it is an opportunity to help a kid with actual hands-on experience. You will broaden your horizons, develop stronger interpersonal skills, meet other mentors and see the world from a very different pair of eyes.Most mentors will gain an education in appreciating and bridging diversity.


Potential mentors need to be aware of the significant challenges in working with the students.Mentors will be expected to attend training sessions given by experienced social workers who know the students and who will continue to be helpful in the mentor-student relationship. This is a two-year commitment and baring personal catastrophe you will be expected to fulfill your commitments to the student.There will be regularly scheduled workshops to help you develop the relationship with the student.You will need to feel comfortable about visiting students at their high schools in the more disadvantaged areas of Chicago.For the Illinois mandated volunteer background check, mentors will need to fill out extensive background check paperwork and be fingerprinted.


If you have an interest, you are more than encouraged to contact either Julia Auburg at 312-683-6046 work, or Trish DeJean at 312-253-4900,


Applications are attached.