How To Post to JDFUN mailing lists:

Posting to the JDFUN lists is easy. All you have to do is send an email to the appropriate list.
Then, I will either approve or reject the posting (See Policy). If the email is approved, it will
be posted to the list.

The great thing is that the responses to your email go directly back to you (rather than back to me)
It also saves me a lot of time in posting and forwarding messages from people.

Remember: that the posting will be received EXACTLY the way you send it to the posting address.

If you have Internet Exporer AND Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook Express or Lotus Notes,
you can use the following links.

Post To JD-Party
Post To JD-Cycling
Post To JD-Happy-Hour
Post To JD-Dining

If that didn't work you may have to set it up:
In Internet Explorer, go to - Tools, Internet Options; Programs (tab)
Enter Hotmail, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail or Lotus Notes.

If you don't have those programs, you can just cut and paste these mail addresses into your new mail.

Post To JD-Party:

Post To JD-Cycling:

Post To JD-Happy-Hour:

Post To JD-Dining: