1) No For Profit
Absolutely no business related emails or advertisements* for any person or business which
is using the list to make profit. In general, I will only support private parties,
gatherings and things for charity. If you're organizing a gathering to something that is
for profit (like a concert), that's fine; so, long as you don't directly benefit from it.

2) No excessive posting
Minimize the number of postings within a short period of time. I don't want to "spam" the
mail list.

3) No posting to multiple lists
Keep it to one list

4) Foul/Offensive language
Not that I don't use it, but many email servers screen for it, and your email will get
bounce-backs. Plus, it does offend some people; so, lets keep it clean. No personal
threats or slander is appropriate either.

5) The Right of JD
I reserve the right to reject a post for other reasons not listed above.

Posting also to the website

Send me a Word (text), PDF (Acrobat) or HTML document with full details that you want me to
post and I can post it.

In this way, JDFUN is something that we can all contribute fun activities and
alternatives. It is an organization for the people run by the people (but coordinated
by me.)

The main purpose of this group is to have fun; so, lets have fun!


*- I am starting to allow ads on my website for a fee (to be negotiated). This is fine since
this is more passive and less intrusive like an email.